european pil user testing in most languages

About Pharma-EU s.r.o.

Pharma-EU s.r.o. is based in Prague, Czech Republic, the heart of Europe. Our consultants are trained professionals with over 15 years of regulatory experience in the EU.

Pharma-EU s.r.o. is a registered limited liability company headquartered in the Czech Republic.

Our staff are bilingual and include native speakers of English, French, German, Swedish, Czech, Spanish and Italian. We offer your company the benefit of over 30 years of European Regulatory experience.

Pharma-EU s.r.o. offers a wide range regulatory affairs support for the pharmaceutical industry. We offer cost effective solutions for the administrative regulatory challenges being carried by the pharmaceutical industry in the European Union.

Our main focus of business has been PIL writing and readability user testing. We have been working on readability testing since the beginning of the requirement in July 2005. To date, over 500 user tests have been completed and accepted by authorities across the EU.

Preferred Readability Testing Providers for: